honeybee on flower

World Honeybee Day!

August 12, 2019


18th August 2019

Many of us have a bee in our bonnet about the declining bee population, beehives and productivity over recent years and yet, honey production has been increasing.

The rise of ‘fake’ honey, where sugar and corn syrups have been added to the product, is a major criminal in this worrying statistic. According to the Journal of Food Science, honey is the third most faked food in the world.

World Honeybee Day gives us the perfect excuse to do our bit to help the bee population thrive!

On this day, nature lovers often decorate their gardens with homemade bee hotels and plant lots of lavender, the bee’s knees in pollinator lures. Then, as you’ve been such a busy bee, sit back and admire the buzz you’ve created as the bees and other insects thrive in your pollinator paradise.

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