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Women’s World Cup 2019!

June 3, 2019


This year, the women’s World Cup finals will be held in France! World Cups give everyone an excuse to get together to enjoy not only great sport, but great food!

There are many traditional dishes enjoyed all over the world by football fans alike, however, seeing as it’s being hosted in France, the birth place of St. Dalfour, we thought we’d look at the traditional terrace treats and tantalizing table fillers to get your fellow football fans ready for a month of top sporting entertainment!

In the terraces

The most popular food enjoyed by football fans in France, and is considered to be quintessential terrace food, is the galette-saucisse. A grilled French sausage wrapped in a cold type of crepe called galette de sarrasin or Breton galette. French football rivals Rennais and Nantes even sing a song about the succulent tradition – bequeathing their love for this savoury treat.

Although tradition states the galette-saucisse is best served on its own, we believe with the addition of some St. Dalfour, this traditional treat is taken up a level! Some simple Kumquat and Minted Cucumber Yoghurt Dip is the perfect accompaniment. This versatile dip partners well with most savoury dishes and is the perfect side dip for a vast French football feast!

On the table

When it comes to Hors d’Oeuvres, there are few better places to gain inspiration than France. A favourite of ours is the classic Fromage Fort. Simply combine all your left-over cheese and melt on freshly baked bread. If this didn’t sound delicious enough already, why not add a sweet accompaniment with some St. Dalfour Preserve. The fruits which go best with cheese are peach, fig and even strawberry. With the 20 flavours on offer from St. Dalfour – the possible combinations available are vast!

In need of something sweet to provide a boost through the 0-0 draws? Look no further than the famous french Macaron!  This sugary delight is extremely versatile and can be made into whatever flavour you wish! We suggest adding your favourite St. Dalfour Preserve to the filling to give them a fresh fruity flavour!

No matter where your allegiances lies this summer, the thrill of the game and the food on the table will guarantee to put rivalry aside and bring us all together this summer!