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Where Can I Buy St Dalfour Products?

March 5, 2021


The very simple answer to this question is – pretty much every good retailer in the UK!

However, you may have noticed that Asda is going through a degree of organisational turmoil at this moment in time so after mid-March we will be leaving their shelves. This is a shame and hopefully a temporary measure, but feel free to contact Asda to see if we can quickly get our product back on their shelves.

The good news is you can find our products at the following retailers:

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrison’s, Nisa, Booths, Budgens, Londis, and many independent health food stores and deli’s across the UK.

You may also notice that we are making slight changes in the label design for our products.

St. Dalfour Strawberry Preserve

We hope you find the new labels appealing. The contents remain the same and we are regularly reviewing and adding to the delicious flavours within our range.

Why not experiment with the flavours in our range. Breakfast treats make a great deal of sense with our fruit flavours adding a burst of colour to your taste buds. Our products also help make great cakes and an array of other amazing puddings and we have also had customers tell us how well the flavours work in everything from home-made ice cream to mocktails!

We wish all of our friends and customers a happy Spring full of flavour.