fish & chips

A Trip to the Seaside with St. Dalfour

April 27, 2019


From sandcastles to candyfloss, Helter-Skelters to amusement arcades and beach huts to fish & chips, the classic Great British trip to the seaside has remained a staple rite of passage for children and adults alike.

Over the last few centuries, our perceptions of what the British beach holiday is have altered vividly. From modern trends in food and fashion, to changes in social behaviour, the traditional trip to the seaside has transformed a great deal since the Victorian era.

Previously, trips to the seaside were far more popular with hundreds of thousands of people making the break for the waves to experience the fresh sea air and cool salty water. This is, despite the fact, that many of the Victorian population couldn’t actually swim! With lessons only frequently taught as part of some school curriculums in the early 1900’s.

Now-a-days, we have witnessed an unfortunate decline in British holiday makers vacationing to UK resorts. This is largely due to cheaper flights elsewhere around the world. But, there’s one common factor which never fails to draw people back year after year and reignite that nostalgia we all felt as children whilst by the sea… the food.

You may think that multiple generations will have dissimilar memories of the food they enjoyed on their seaside excursions, but this isn’t strictly true. In all honesty, the core delicacies have lasted the test of time and are still thriving. Eating fish & chips with a wooden fork. Enjoying fresh seafood with a wooden toothpick. Even a classic 99 ice cream with a cone that tasted like wood. All classics which have remained the same for centuries.

We at St. Dalfour want to bring that nostalgic taste of trips to the seaside to your kitchen with these 3 classic seaside favourites. Of course, with a St. Dalfour twist!

So get your swimming costume on and slap on some sunscreen, as you enjoy a taste of the seaside without leaving your front room!