• Prep Time
    25 minutes
  • Cook Time
    15-20 minutes
  • Difficulty
  • Serves
  • Author
    Matt's Kitchen

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Mini Victoria Sponges

Ever dreamed of having a whole Victoria Sponge to yourself? Well now you can with the latest sweet treat from St. Dalfour!

These delightful little cakes may be a fraction of the size, but they boast a full fruity flavour thanks to our Strawberry Preserve!

But don’t just take our word for it… try them out for yourself!

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1 jar of St. Dalfour Strawberry Preserve

175g/6oz unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus extra for greasing

175g/6oz caster sugar

3 large free-range eggs, beaten

1 tsp vanilla extract

175g/6oz self-raising flour

300ml/10½fl oz double cream

icing sugar, for dusting


Preheat your oven to 180C/Gas 5


Lightly grease your baking tins with butter


Cream the butter and caster sugar together until the mixture is pale and light


Gradually add the beaten eggs, mixing well between each addition and scraping down the sides of the bowl from time to time. Add the vanilla extract and mix to combine


Sift the flour into the bowl and fold in until the mixture is glossy and smooth


Divide the mixture between the muffin tin cups


Bash the tray against your work surface to level out the mixture


Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for about 15 minutes until golden-brown and springy to the touch


Leave the cakes to cool in the tin for two minutes and then ease onto a wire cooling rack and leave to cool completely


Whip cream to soft peaks


Cut each cake in half horizontally with a bread knife


Add the cream in the middle of each cake base and the rest in dots around the edges. Drizzle the St. Dalfour Strawberry Preserve over the cream, place the sponge tops on and lightly sift icing sugar over the cakes


Serve and enjoy!