• Prep Time
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    10 minutes
  • Difficulty
  • Serves
  • Author
    St. Dalfour Customer

Pudding, Snacks, Quick & Easy

‘Jammy Lollies’ with St. Dalfour

Finding a quick treat for the kids is always a challenge. However, have you ever tried a ‘Jammy Lolly? No, well neither did we until one of customers wrote in with a recipe. We’ve tried it and it’s great and ever so easy to do.

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Some re-useable ice lolly makers or you could use a simple lolly stick and a small cup!

a kettle

a pouring jug

a small bowl

a tea spoon

a sieve

1 jar of St Dalfour Strawberry Preserve


The method sent into us by our customer couldn’t be more simple. Part boil some fresh water so it’s hot, but not boiling. Pour the water into the small bowl. Volumes are dependent upon how many lollies you are making and the size of the lolly.

Add 2 heaped spoonful’s of spread for each ice lolly.  Stir in the spread for a few minutes. Not all the spread will dissolve – this is fine and entirely to be expected with the high fruit content of St Dalfour.

Pour the mixture from the bowl through a sieve into the measuring jug. It’s well worth pushing through some extra spread through the sieve to get some body into the lollies.

Pour the sieved mixture into your lolly moulds and pop into the freezer!

And that’s it! The result is a delicious, high fruit content ice lolly for a fraction of the cost of a shop bought lolly – and there is no wrapping waste to worry about.

Why not try it with other St Dalfour flavours and let us know how you get on!