Preparing for Christmas with St. Dalfour

December 7, 2017


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without St. Dalfour

St. Dalfour may be a French brand, but it has a firm place in our traditional British Christmas. Indeed, when it comes to Christmas cuisine, St. Dalfour comes into its own – there are just so many festive recipes where it can be used.

Our vast array of wonderful fruit preserves will grace any breakfast table; but there’s so much more to St. Dalfour. Our succulent whole fruits can be added to many Christmas dishes; glaze your ham with some apricot preserve, or perhaps orange and ginger; and a squeeze of our classic honey is a must for the all-important roast parsnips. And so the list goes on – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without St. Dalfour.

Now’s the time to start filling the freezer with those make ahead items. Here are a few suggestions:

Cranberry sauce
The flavour of cranberry sauce improves with age, so get this one made and stored away in a cool dry place. Of course, St. Dalfour plump and juicy cranberries are just perfect for this traditional accompaniment to the turkey dinner.

The beauty of making stuffing early is that you can freeze it in the very dish you will use on the day – just make sure it’s both oven and freezer proof! St. Dalfour chestnuts are packed without preservatives using a patented natural method that keeps them tender and succulent, so why would you use anything else? Click here for a recipe idea.

If you are feeding an army on Christmas Day then why not make your gravy in advance and freeze it? Even if you are only feeding a few, it’s one less thing to think about on the day, and you can simply top it up with the turkey juices on the day. How about adding a spoonful of St. Dalfour cranberry & blueberry preserve to add a touch of sweetness?

Cakes and desserts
With so much to do over the festive period, it’s sensible to get a couple of cakes or dessert items into the freezer in advance. You can then simply pull out what you need on the day. Or perhaps store an extra cake for those unexpected visitors – and if they don’t materialise, you can always have it over New Year when you need a rest from cooking! With so many tempting flavours to choose from, you will always be able to find a St. Dalfour fruit preserve to use as a filling or flavouring for any cake / dessert.