new years resolutions

New Years Resolutions: Succeed with St. Dalfour

January 7, 2021


Let’s begin with a question:

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions and fail to keep them beyond the first month – or even the first week?

This is a very common outcome but why is it most of us fall at the first hurdle?

Big changes to your life or changes in habits are best approached as marathons and not sprints. We all love a ‘quick fix’ but more often than not these consist of setting yourself goals which are just too difficult to stick to, well at least to begin with.

Let’s take the example of the dreaded January diet! A great time to start when of course the house is still full of what food remains from the Christmas festivities from the previous month. Not surprisingly, with all this temptation around, most of us don’t maintain the diet for long.

This takes us to our first tip towards success:

1. Remove Temptations

Following Christmas and New Years it is likely your house is full of treats that aren’t best consumed when trying to lose weight. We recommend, if possible, donating accepted food items to your local food bank or to a person you know may be in need. Not only does this help you achieve your goals easier, it also helps others in unfortunate positions.

2. Start Small

The most common mistake when starting a diet is to completely alter your habits from day one, and very rarely does this result in long lasting success. Begin your healthy lifestyle mission with one or two small changes such as switching from white to brown bread instead of banishing bread entirely from your diet.

3. Treat Yourself

Don’t make life too hard by entirely cutting out those naughty treats. In moderation, with an otherwise healthy diet, you can still eat the foods you love. We recommend giving yourself 3 treat tokens to use each week. This could be two slices of pizza, a doughnut or even a nice drink. As long as you treat yourself in moderation you’ll be able to sustain your new years diet for longer.

St. Dalfour is a great life hack when it comes to cutting calories and adding flavour.

St. Dalfour spreads aren’t just for breakfast. You can enjoy our preserves in a whole range of dishes. Try a spoon of apricot preserve in a nutritious beef curry,  for a dish to warm you up. A classic baked ham, coated in a delicious orange and mustard glaze, provides a tasty supper, with sufficient leftovers for cold salads the next day.

With all dietary and lifestyle changes, please consult your GP if you are unsure what is best for you.