halloween at home

Halloween at Home with St. Dalfour

October 26, 2020


With this year being like no other, we are all having to find alternative ways to enjoy traditions in a safe and enjoyable way, and with trick or treating off the schedule, Halloween is no different!

With this in mind, we at St. Dalfour wanted to come up with a few treats to keep everyone in the family entertained this Halloween.

Gruesome Brownie Graveyard!

Using our deliciously indulgent Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie recipe, why not create a really effective graveyard scene which is both spooky and delicious? Simply follow the recipe and, once baked and cooled, cut into tombstone shapes. Place your brownie tombstones on a bed of crushed chocolate biscuits to create edible soil! Icing can then be used to add the finishing touches like ghosts, spiders and worms!

Mummified Vegan Sausage Rolls!

Transform our very popular Apricot and Walnut Vegetarian Sausage Rolls into¬† mummies using just a little imagination! Instead of using your ready-made puff pastry the traditional way, why not cut into strips and wrap as if they were bandages! Once baked, simply add some edible eyes and you’ve got yourself some spooky sausage rolls!

Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Create spooky fruit-filled delights using our simple, yet delicious, cupcake recipe! Fill your cupcakes with any one of our Fruit Preserves and cover with orange icing to create that pumpkin look! Finish with black eyes and a smile using more icing, as well as a green stalk.

Why not take this recipe further and create other ghoulish creatures by cutting your cupcakes into shapes such as ghosts and witches hats? Then, to finish the look, cover in coloured icing and add details.