Fantastic Figs

November 19, 2020


The small and beautiful fig is a delicate fruit, with both sweet and tart properties that make it exceptionally perfect for a multitude of sweet and savoury recipes.

Figs are naturally high in fibre and are often used in diets for people watching their weight. High fibre foods such as figs provide the feeling of being fuller for longer and can reduce cravings. Figs also help support the good bacteria in the gut to help aid healthy digestion.

Green figs aren’t available all year, but with St. Dalfour Fig Royale Preserve you can enjoy the fruitful flavour of figs all year round. Made using an old French recipe, delicious figs are gently cooked with fruit juice concentrate to conserve the natural flavour of the fruit. Made 100% from fruit, with no cane sugar, artificial preservatives or colours, St. Dalfour Fig Royale Preserve is also gluten free and incredibly versatile.

You can use St. Dalfour Fig Royale Preserve to enhance both sweet and savoury dishes.

We have provided a range of ways to incorporate St. Dalfour Fig Royale Preserve into your daily life:

  • Enjoy on toast, croissants, teacakes, crumpets and waffles
  • Combine with Mozzarella, Serrano ham and some crisp rocket to create a delicious salad
  • Use it to sweeten fruit in crumbles and in bakes as a replacement to sugar
  • Spoon into a filo pastry parcel with some goats cheese for a delicious starter
  • Add to yoghurt or ice cream
  • Stir a spoonful into your breakfast porridge instead of sugar
  • Make a meringue and top with Fig Royale Preserve and honey

So, what are you waiting for – purchase a jar of St Dalfour Fig Royale Preserve today and get spreading, baking & cooking!