Celebrating International Picnic Day on June 18th

June 18, 2018


Did you know that June 18th is International Picnic Day, and that the fashion for picnics all began in France, the home of St. Dalfour?

Our word ‘picnic’ dates back to 1794, exactly 100 years after the term ‘pique-nique’ was first recorded in France, when it referred to a social event at which each person brought a share of the food. The outdoors aspect of the picnic is said to have begun after the French revolution of 1789, when the French opened their royal parks to the public.

The UK picnic, a gathering of family and/or friends all sharing an alfresco feast is a time-honoured tradition so much so that there is now a National Picnic Week, which in 2018 lasts from 15th-24th.

The versatility of St. Dalfour spreads, sweetened only with natural fruit products, make them perfect for every part of your picnic. So, to celebrate International Picnic Day on 18th June, St. Dalfour have devised some new recipes and dusted off some favourites, to make your picnic the pick of the bunch!

To showcase the versatility of St. Dalfour spreads, two of the new recipes are savoury!

  1. Pork & Apricot Sausage Rolls – the classic sausage roll is enhanced by a fruity twist. For a vegetarian option, check out our recipe for Apricot & Walnut Vegetarian Sausage Roll
  2. Honeyed Chicken Drumsticks – sweet and tangy chicken drumsticks, perfect for picnics
  3. Fruity Filled Cupcakes that keep the mess inside the cake; as do our Raspberry and white chocolate muffin

No picnic should be without sandwiches; you could fill them with our Orange and Mustard glazed home cooked ham, and have some left over for supper. Or take a tip from Paddington who loves marmalade sandwiches; we are sure he would equally enjoy St. Dalfour Thick Cut Orange Preserve, with no added cane sugar.

So, load up the hamper with St. Dalfour goodies, locate the picnic rug and head outdoors for some fun in the sun.