Bring Back The Romance This Valentines Day

February 11, 2019


As February 14th tiptoes ever closer, the expectations of Valentines Day hopefully aren’t getting you stuck in a rut. But if so, do not panic. We here at St. Dalfour are here to make sure Valentines Day goes without a hitch. Unless you happen to have a big surprise planned for your partner, in which case, we hope there is one!

Originally, Valentines Day was to celebrate the life of Saint Valentine of Rome. It was believed he used to carry out marriage ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, leading to his imprisonment.

Whilst in prison, St. Valentine allegedly restored sight to the blind daughter of his judge. On the day of his death, he left her a letter signed, “Your Valentine”, giving us the signature we commonly use today.

However, the day first became associated with love in the 1300’s thanks to English poet Geoffrey Chaucer who installed the fascination of courtly love. A European medieval literary conception that emphasises nobility and chivalry.

Traditionally, St. Valentines Day was a day of feast and extravagance with elaborate meals prepared throughout the day. These meals were meant to be intimate with couples often feeding each other their favourite culinary delights.

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Here at St. Dalfour, we have created a romantic feast using St. Dalfour Preserves which are sure to reignite the romance this Valentines Day.


Forget boring cereals. Why not create a feast of heart shaped pleasures? Take our delicious St. Dalfour Blueberry & Cranberry Pancake recipe and simply pour the mixture into heart shapes as an extra special touch. Even a variety of heart shaped toast with a selection of their favourite St. Dalfour Preserves will be sure to start the day off perfectly.


Given Valentines Day is a day of excess, we recommend our Rigatoni with Pancetta, Taleggio, Pear & Rosemary using the St. Dalfour Imperial Pear Preserve. The balance of the salty pancetta and sweet pear with the creaminess of the Taleggio cheese will be sure to leave your partners taste buds tingling.


The main event. Your chance to set the bar as high as you can. With this in mind we’ve selected our Roast Lamb with a Black Cherry Glaze. Approaching lambing season, the meat will be succulent and juicy whilst the black cherry glaze will offer a sweetness sure to indulge all your senses.


With history in mind, why not make a dessert you can feed each other to create an intimate and romantic experience. We recommend selecting a good quality ice cream or yoghurt and partnering it with their favourite St. Dalfour Preserve.