Battle of the Spreads World Cup 2018

June 21, 2018


World Cup football fever is already spreading across the globe, with some great early matches, some shocking decisions and some most unexpected results – the usual World Cup mix then!

With the World Cup gripping the nation, the England St. Dalfour team dreamt up our own World Cup competition. So, bring on the battle of the St. Dalfour Spreads World Cup 2018!

We are going to join the competition in the Quarter Finals:


First up, two delightful pairings go head to head:

Cranberry & Blueberry v Raspberry & Pomegranate

With TV remote battles going on across the country between those wanting to watch the World Cup and those wanting to watch Love Island, we put two new pairings into the mix!

Coupling up is the theme of the day, but which is the match made in heaven?  On this occasion, it was the classic and much-loved combination of Cranberry & Blueberry that saw off the interesting coupling of Raspberry with Pomegranate.

WINNER: Cranberry & Blueberry


Next up, it’s a clash of two top seeded teams:

Strawberry v Raspberry

Two of the most popular fruit flavours, and both delicious on toast, croissants or cakes, so how do you separate these two?

Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C and manganese and have more potassium than raspberries, but raspberries have more dietary fibre and are also a good source of folic acid and iron.

So, will it come down to taste? With the tennis at Queens in full swing and Wimbledon just around the corner, unsurprisingly it was Strawberry through to the semi- final.

WINNER: Strawberry


In the other side of the draw:

Here comes a royal battle:

Imperial Pear v Fig Royale

With Prince Harry & Megan’s nuptials fading in our memories, here comes the king of kings’ fixture. Two delightful but different flavours, both made from old French recipes and sweetened only with fruit juice concentrate.

With figs credited with all sorts of health benefits, from keeping you regular to lowering cholesterol, it was time for this flavour to reign supreme and go through to the semi- final!

WINNER: Fig Royale


Now it’s time for the clash of the titans – or, time to bring out the underdogs?

Kumquat v Chestnut

These are the dark horses of the tournament; some people still don’t know who Kumquats are, whilst the Chestnut is often thought of only around Christmas.

They may be unseeded, but it turns out these are both tasty flavours that should never be overlooked. So, who was the victor in this unseeded head to head? It was the unsung Christmas hero, Chestnut.

WINNER: Chestnut



So, we have seen some unexpected results from the early rounds, but interestingly all teams have several things in common:

No artificial colouring; no added cane sugar; no artificial preservatives; sweetened only by natural fruit juice concentrate.

So, it’s on to the Semi-finals:



Cranberry & Blueberry v Strawberry

In the first of the thrilling semi-finals, we have all berry teams. The established, traditional and quintessentially English Strawberry versus the romantic Love Island newcomer Cranberry & Blueberry.

Turns out you cannot have enough berries and the coupling of Cranberry & Blueberry couldn’t be beaten on this occasion.

WINNER: Cranberry & Blueberry



Fig Royale v Chestnut

Who will reign supreme and take the crown in this interesting fixture. Neither team was seeded in the early stages but both delivered first class performances in the taste test rounds.

Despite showing excellent adaptability and demonstrating that they were here for the whole tournament and not just for Christmas, Chestnut just lost out to Fig Royale who demonstrated excellent versatility and quality finishing.

WINNER: Fig Royale




At the start of the St. Dalfour Battle of the Spreads World Cup, who could have predicted that Cranberry & Blueberry and Fig Royale would be lining up against each other in the Final. It just goes to show you should never underestimate the more unusual flavours nor overlook

So, who wins…the majestic, noble Fig or the classic coupling of Cranberry & Blueberry.


It seems that summer love is in the air, because it was Cranberry & Blueberry that took the cup.


Who would your World Cup winner be? Don’t forget there are so many more flavours that we didn’t get to see in the quarter finals on this occasion so take a look at the full range of St. Dalfour flavours